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Doctor Who References on The Middleman

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

classic Doctor Who monster the ZygonsI’ve been enjoying a show on ABC Family called The Middleman. I forget how I found out about it, since it’s on a channel I’d normally not watch, but I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

It’s very silly, but clever… almost an updated Avengers (definitely making nods to it anyway — the first episode had an extended sequence that was a spoof recreation of the opening theme to the Emma Peel Avengers — a shortened form of this serves as the opening titles for each episode of The Middleman). It’s also *kind* of like Torchwood but less angsty, “dark” and self-consciously “adult” the way Torchwood tends to be (to it’s detriment IMO).

Doctor Who Wins Best Program For Second Time

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

doctor who wins best programme awardDoctor Who has been awarded Best Program for the second year running at The Edinburgh TV festival’s annual awards, confirming what Who fans worldwide knew anyway — Doctor Who is the best show on TV.

BBC One, where Doctor Who airs in the UK, also won best terrestrial channel of the year. Like Doctor Who in its category, this is BBC One’s second win in a row.

All of the winners at the festival were chosen by a panel of television executives, as well as journalists.

Guess there’s a lot of Doctor Who fans in the panel.