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3 Videos from Premiere of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour BBC Press Launch

Date posted: March 18, 2010

Very exciting: the first episode of Matt Smith’s first series of Doctor Who has premiered in Wales at a BBC press launch today, March 18th.  A number of clips from the premiere (or related to it) have been posted to YouTube already and I’ve gathered several here for you to view.

Warning: contains minor spoilers for the episode and the new series, but probably nothing you haven’t heard already.

First, a short intro interview with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, leading straight into a short clip of the new Doctor in action in “The Eleventh Hour”:

Trivia: the clip features a young girl, played by Karen Gillan’s cousin.

Next, we have an interview with Matt Smith, recorded before the premiere. Matt talks about what it’s been like filming for months and following in David Tennant’s footsteps when playing the “mad, crazy buffoon” who is the Doctor:

Next we have an interview with Karen Gillan, also recorded from before the premiere. She talks about getting the chemistry right between her character and the Doctor, and what it’s like so far as she begins to get recognition from the public as the new Doctor Who companion:

This is the first I’ve seen Karen on camera. I see what Steven Moffat has referred to in interviews — she seems a bit “kooky” to use his words.

Overall, I just can’t wait to see the Eleventh Hour in full!

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