Thursday, June 13, 2024 08:00

Doctor Who: First Minute of The Eleventh Hour Coming to BBC Site

The official BBC website has been updated with a new look to go with the new Doctor and series. With the premiere of the first episode, The Eleventh Hour, set to materialize on Saturday, April 3rd, the Beeb has promised us a taste to whet our appetites for the full story.

This Saturday, March 27th, the first minute of The Eleventh Hour will “air” on the BBC site. Unfortunately, I assume it will be region locked to the UK only as usual, so the American and other overseas audience will be left out as usual.

If/when it inevitably posts to YouTube, I’ll post it to the TARDIS Databanks. For now you can visit the BBC site to check out the new look and wait impatiently, or if you’re reading this from the UK after 6:30pm on the 27th, go and watch the preview.

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