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Interview With Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith During Filming for His First Series

Date posted: March 17, 2010

The Guardian has posted an interesting interview with Matt Smith on their website a few days ago which is well worth reading. This is the first extensive interview with Matt Smith I’ve seen online and gives a few tantalizing looks into how he will be playing the eleventh Doctor.

I’ve had a really good feeling about Matt Smith as the Doctor since first seeing “The Eleventh Doctor” confidential last year (see video below), and this interview as well as the interview with Steven Moffat in the March 2010 issue of Doctor Who Magazine are leaving me very eager to see the new series.

Only a couple more weeks to wait!

Use the link below to read the interview on the Guardian’s website.

Click for source

Or watch the original Doctor Who: Confidential interview with Matt Smith when he was first announced as the new Doctor:

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