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The Third Doctor:
Jon Pertwee

The third Doctor made his debut in the January 1970 story Spearhead from Space. This was the first story to be shot in color. The third Doctor had the arrogance of Hartnell, experience equal to, or greater than Troughton, and an infusion of Jon Pertwee's own personality.

The third Doctor spent all of season seven trapped in Earth's present, where he was assisted, and sometimes hindered by UNIT, the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, lead by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. In the next two seasons, he occasionally left 20th-century Earth, but without control of the TARDIS, which was being operated remotely by a faction group of Timelords called the Celestial Intervention Agency. After the tenth anniversary story, The Three Doctors (1972-1973), his freedom was restored and he traveled again in time and space, returning frequently to twentieth-century Earth to help the Brigadier.

The Master, a renegade Timelord first played by Roger Delgado, was introduced in the Pertwee era, and became one of the most popular villains, appearing in different regenerations in stories up to and including Survival, the last televised story of the original series, and the 1996 Fox TV movie.

While, unlike his predecessors, none of the third Doctor's twenty-three stories were completely destroyed by the BBC, a few exist only in black & white form.

Jon Pertwee reprised his role as the third Doctor in the twentieth anniversary episode, The Five Doctors.

Jon Pertwee sadly passed away on May 20, 1996, just days after the broadcast of the Doctor Who TV movie starring Paul McGann.

His millions of fans miss him greatly; he had no peer.

Look below for more photos and sound clips of Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor:

Images of the Third Doctor:
Audio Clips from the Third Doctor:
The Doctor makes a half-hearted attempt to cover up when he mentions having seen dinosaurs outside of a museum.
Doctor Who and the Silurians
"Will you stop referring to me as the creature, sir, or I may well become exceedingly hostile!"
The Doctor, Carnival of Monsters

"The tribunal is not deliberating. The tribunal is arguing!"
The Doctor, Carnival of Monsters

Some advice the Doctor once gave to Napoleon
Day of the Daleks


The Doctor's views on bumblebees and the impossible
The Daemons

The Doctor reminds Jo of her Latin
The Daemons.
The real reason the Doctor returned to Earth at the end of
The Claws of Axos
The Doctor confuses Jo when he 'explains' to her how the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside
Frontier In Space
Jo once again is confused as the Doctor tells her that his TARDIS and the Master's are both inside each other.
The Time Monster

The Doctor angers BOSS, a megalomaniacal computer
The Green Death.

The Doctor confuses Professor Jones
The Green Death.

Jon Pertwee 'singing' over a very seventies version of the Doctor Who theme

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