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The Seventh Doctor:
Sylvester McCoy


[More information about the 7th Doctor coming soon]



Look below for more photos and sound clips of Sylvester McCoy as the seventh Doctor:

Images of the Seventh Doctor:
Audio Clips from the Seventh Doctor:

The Doctor announces his various titles
Remembrance of the Daleks

An untransmitted sequence, hinting at the further mystery that was starting be to injected into the Doctor's character at this point
Remembrance of the Daleks

"A bunch of ratbags."
"Ratbags with guns."
The Happiness Patrol

The Doctor talks down a pair of snipers
The Happiness Patrol

"You're just an ageing hippy, Professor."
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy


"Anybody remotely interesting is mad. . ."
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

The Doctor, attempting to get Ace to face her fears

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