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Click to walk into the TARDIS

The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) is the Doctor's home. The TARDIS' interior exists in its own dimension, and the exterior shell is mapped into the real world, with freedom of movement in time and space. The TARDIS was stuck in the shape of a police box beginning in the first episode, An Unearthly Child. In the twenty-second season story Attack of the Cybermen, the Doctor finally repaired the faulty chameleon circuit, but decided to leave it in the shape it had had for all the centuries of his wanderings.


Inerdoor.jpg   TARDIS1.jpg   TARDIS10.jpg
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TARDISJungle.jpg   TARDIS8.jpg   TARDISzoe.jpg

The Doctor's TARDIS is a very old (and outdated) model -- a Type 40 -- which, despite the Doctor's many repairs over the centuries functions erratically at best. Consequently, when it materializes or dematerializes, it almost sounds like it's about to shake apart. Click to listen to another sample of the TARDIS materializing -- if your computer plays sound in stereo, the sound should fade in from the left to the right.

The controls inside the TARDIS have made various sounds over the years, from simple clicks in the early years of the show, to more elaborate sounds during the seventies and onwards. Click to listen to the sound of the screen opening, or listen to a sample from The Invasion of Time as Leela tries several of the controls on the console, which the Doctor has locked out. In the somewhat over-the-top seventeenth season, the TARDIS sounds sometimes became a little silly, like this sound of the TARDIS malfunctioning. In the background of all of these sounds, you'll notice the omnipresent hum of the TARDIS. which remained constant throughout all twenty-six seasons.

Click here to see schematics for a police box. Or click to view pages one and two of the directions to build a model police box. Download the files and print them out to make your own TARDIS. These three images come from the Doctor Who Technical Manual.

TARDIS1.Zip: An AVI video clip of the second Doctor whistling up his TARDIS.



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