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The Monsters and Villains:

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The Cybermen
The Daleks
The Cybermen
The Daleks
The Master
The Zygons
The Master
The Zygons
The Unquiet Dead
"Are you my mummy?"
The Unquiet Dead
Gas Mask People
The Werewolf


The Master:

The Master, like the Doctor, is a renegade Timelord, albiet one with less noble ideals. An egomaniac, he is motivated by personal gain, and a desire to defeat and humiliate the Doctor at any cost -- his efforts used up his full slate of thirteen lives, eventually forcing him to steal a new body in The Keeper of Traken.

The true relationship between the Master and the Doctor has never been clear, although they apparently went to the Academy on Gallifrey together, and were rivals before the Master's first televised appearence in The Terror of the Autons. The Master has freqently tried to kill the Doctor but always seems to allow some way for the Doctor to escape, although whether he is concious of this is uncertain. It has been suggested by some that they may be brothers, but this is not supported by anything in the original series. In the 2007 season, this rumor was finally dismissed.

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The Daleks:

The Daleks are the series' longest-running villans, first appearing in the second broadcast story The Daleks (a.k.a. The Dead Planet and The Mutants) which aired between December, 1963 and February, 1964. It is thought by many that the series might never have become so popular, or run so long, if it wasn't for these pepperpot- shaped enemies.

The Daleks originate on Skaro, a planet devistated by a war which raged for a thousand years, poisoning the planet, and mutating its inhabitants. In the original history, the war was fought between the Dals and the Thals. Radiation caused both races to mutate and become disfigured -- the Dals retreating into metal shells and becoming Daleks, while the Thals came full circle, eventually becoming a race of physically perfect individuals. This history was later re-written by Terry Nation (the person who takes credit for inventing the Daleks) in his 1975 story Genesis of the Daleks. In this new history, it is the Kaleds, not the Dals, who become Daleks, after a thousand years of war with the Thals. A physically and mentally twisted scientist called Davros, after genetic experiments on his own people, created the Kaled mutants which he then placed in war machines. The result was the Daleks, creatures driven by hate and the desire to exterminate all who oppose them.

The image on the left is from The Daleks and the one on the right is from
The Dalek Invasion of Earth, broadcast in 1964.

The Cybermen

The Cybermen are another of the more popular villans from the series. They are a race of humans who evolved on Mondas, a planet virtualy identical to Earth, which broke free of our solar system millenia ago. The people of Mondas gradually replaced their organs with cybernetic parts, gaining the strength of machines, but losing their humanity in the process. They are driven by logic, and the need to reproduce by converting other humanoids into cybermen. Unfortunately, while the Cybermen were originally completely emotionless, they displayed more emotions in later seasons, as is evidenced by this clip from The Five Doctors

The cybermen first appeared in The Tenth Planet, the first Doctor's last story, which no longer exists in its complete form in the BBC archives. The cybermen have undergone many changes in their appearence, the image on the left is from the once-lost story Tomb of the Cybermen, originally broadcast in 1967, the image on the right is from their last appearence in the original series, Silver Nemesis, the 25th anniversary story, broadcast in 1988. The cybermen return in the 2006 season of the new series.


The character of Davros, the Kaled scientist who created the Daleks. was introduced in 1975 in the story Genesis of the Daleks. In this story, the fourth Doctor was sent to the far past by the Timelords to stop the Daleks before they left their home planet. The Doctor soon discovers Davros about to reveal a new race to supplant his own. Davros' creatures reflect his scarred body and mind -- he is confined to a wheelchair (identical to the Dalek's base), and has limited use of one hand. He has no true eyes, seeing by an electronic eye implanted in his forehead, all these much like the Daleks' single eye, plunger-like hand and gun. Davros became nearly as popular as his fictional creations, and has appeared in every Dalek story after Genesis.

The Sontarans:

The Sontarans were first introduced in the third Doctor's story The Time Warrior. The Sontarans are a race engeneeredfor war, their troops cloned by the millions overrunning their enemies with superior numbers and technology. Theirsworn enemies are the Rutans, who they have been fighting for centuries.

The Sontarans have appeared in five stories, the latest being The Two Doctors, a story which united the second andsixth Doctors.

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