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The Sixth Doctor:
Colin Baker

Just as the fifth Doctor's character was marked by its contrast with the fourth Doctor, it was decided that the sixth Doctor's character should be brash and loud, in strong contrast with the milder character of his predecessor.

[More information about the 6th Doctor coming soon]


Look below for more photos and sound clips of Colin Baker as the sixth Doctor:

Images of the Sixth Doctor:
Audio Clips from the Sixth Doctor:

The Doctor, getting annoyed at a Cryon
Attack of the Cybermen

What the Doctor and Peri do in the TARDIS
Mark of the Rani

"Oh, I always like to do the unexpected. Takes people by surprise."
Trial Of A Timelord

The Doctor, delivering one of his best lines,tries to impart the grand sweep of eternity to Peri.
Trial Of A Timelord

The Doctor shows his scorn for the corrupt Timelords
Trial of a Timelord


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