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The Second Doctor:
Patrick Troughton

The Doctor,magically transformed, was younger with a new personality which in some ways set the stage for all later Doctors.

This Doctor displayed considerable knowledge and expertise gained through extensive travels, and had even gained some small measure of control over the TARDIS, although not much more than his predecessor.

Troughton's Doctor also had a sense of wonder, coupled with a child-like playfulness. But while he often played the fool, capering with a disarming smile and playing his recorder, he hid the mind of a brilliant scientist.

The second Doctor's first story, which no longer exists in the BBC archives, was The Power of the Daleks. The six-part story was broadcast between November and December of 1966.

His last regular story was The War Games, broadcast in 1969. It was this ten-part story that revealed the Doctor's origins, which heretofore had only been hinted at: he was one of a race called the Timelords, who had mastery over time and space, but who were content to watch without interfering.

The Doctor was taken back to his at the time unnamed home world, and put on trial for the crime of stealing a TARDIS and interfering in the universe outside. His sentence was a forced regeneration, and exile on Earth in the twentieth century, with the knowledge of how to operate the TARDIS blocked from his mind.

Of the twenty stories of his era, only six remain in their complete form. One of these, Tomb of the Cybermen, was only rediscovered a few years ago in Hong Kong.

The second Doctor returned for the tenth anniversary of the series in The Three Doctors, for the twentieth anniversary in The Five Doctors, and one final time in the twenty-second season story The Two Doctors, where he met the sixth Doctor.

Look below for more photos and sound clips of Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor:

Images of the Second Doctor:
Audio Clips from the Second Doctor:
A confused Ben and Polly confront the Doctor, who has just regenerated for the first time
The Power of the Daleks
"There are corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. . ."
The Doctor, The Moonbase

"Oh dear..."
A worried Doctor in
The Abominable Snowmen

"Now it it safe?"
"No, I shouldn't think so for a moment!"

An exchange between the Doctor and Victoria from the lost story
The Web of Fear


The Doctor plays a pensive tune on his recorder
The Web of Fear

"Neat, isn't it? Hmm? All done by sound waves."
The very first appearance of the sonic screwdriver, from the lost story
Fury From the Deep
The Doctor is irritated by Zoe's genius
The Krotons
The Doctor makes a flippant remark while being held at gunpoint
The War Games
The Doctor's origins are first revealed in a conversation with the War Chief, a fellow Timelord
The War Games
The Doctor has no alternative but to call the Timelords for help
The War Games
The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are brought back to the Doctor's home planet Gallifrey (although it is not actually named in this story)
The War Games
The Timelords charge the Doctor with the crime of interference
The War Games
The Brigadier is happy that the second Doctor can't find his recorder
The Three Doctors
The second Doctor criticizes the way the the third Doctor has redecorated the TARDIS
The Three Doctors
The Doctor making similar remarks about the Brigadier's former office The Five Doctors
"Not allowed? Me? I'm allowed everywhere!"
The Doctor, The Five Doctors
"Yes. For once, I was able to steer the TARDIS. . ."
The Doctor, The Five Doctors
The second Doctor makes a disparaging remark about his 'replacement'
The Five Doctors

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