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5 Gallifrey One Dalek Videos

I wasn’t able to make it to this year’s Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, but I lived vicariously and somewhat enviously through people tweeting during the convention weekend.

I decided I’d collect some of the videos from the con here on the TARDIS Databanks so some of the best are gathered in one place  and help others live vicariously too.

To get the ball rolling, I thought I’d share a few videos of a fan-made Dalek that was roaming the halls of the LAX Mariott. I’d love to have seen the thing up close (heck, I’d love to OWN the thing!) – it looks amazing from the videos. And clearly, the fan operating it was having a blast, too.

Check out these videos of the Dalek at the Gallifrey One convention in February 2010:

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3 Responses to “5 Gallifrey One Dalek Videos”

  1. Darvos says:

    I was indeed having a ‘blast’ despite a heavy workload. Much appreciate the the page!
    Come to Gallfrey next year and I’ll guarantee a view up close. If you’re prepared to risk extermination.

  2. PseudoWho says:

    Was that you operating the Dalek? Awesome work!

    I hope to make it to the next one, so I’ll definitely risk extermination and come and take a look. Maybe a Dalek interview for the site? :)

  3. Darvos says:

    Thanks!, An interview is fine but be warned the Dalek’s conversational style is rather monothematic and tends toward the confrontational.
    Note the Happiness Patrol interview about 7:45 into the Gallifrey 21 edition.
    ( Innocent bystanders exterminated by mistake, but at least the Dalek apologised, albeit insincerely.