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Tonight’s The Night Doctor Who Scene

As many UK residents know, the show Tonight’s The Night, which is hosted by Doctor Who’s own John Barrowan (a.k.a. Captain Jack Harkness) has been running a competition to win a chance to star in a special Doctor Who scene with Barrowman.

Well, the winner has been picked, and the scene aired last night on BBC One. You can find a YouTube video of the scene below, which features a surprise appearance by David Tennant. Considering filming for his final Doctor Who episodes has now wrapped, this is probably about the last thing Tennant filmed on the TARDIS set!

Watch the video of the scene below. Congratulations to Doctor Who fan Tim Ingham for his alien design that earned him this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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One Response to “Tonight’s The Night Doctor Who Scene”

  1. Fred James says:

    Well, that was fantastic. Not only did a Doctor Who fan have the time of his life, but did a great job of it as well. I loved his excecution of the line, “Well, no… literally arms dealing…”. LOL.

    It was great of the staff to take the time to do that. Doctor Who has one of the oldest (if not THE oldese?) strong SF fan followings going. At times it’s funny, at times irreverent, but at other times warm and heart-clinching. Some of it is a bit goofy… but even the goofy parts are great fun. It’s a truly unique series… and now a fan has become a part of it. I hope they make him a regular character. It was quite a fun one.