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TARDIS Interior to Get a Redesign to Go With the New Doctor

tardis console room series 1The Telegraph is reporting that the current TARDIS interior will be given “a complete overhaul” before the end of David Tennant’s run, just in time for new Doctor Matt Smith to take over.

The details are a little sparse at this point, but the redesign was the idea of new producer Stephen Moffat, and has been described as “the most high-tech, intricate TARDIS ever.”

Personally, I really like the current interior, but wouldn’t mind seeing something a *little* closer to the traditional roundels and columns, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see before I pass judgement.

If it’s just a matter of changing the “desktop theme” of the TARDIS and the current one is “coral” (cf. Time Crash) I guess the whiners among us fans will have to call it the “emo” theme.

Being the fanboy I am, I’ll just leave you with the words of the second Doctor from The Three Doctors:

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2 Responses to “TARDIS Interior to Get a Redesign to Go With the New Doctor”

  1. adam carter says:

    lets hope its not over complicated though and the change should be explained

  2. admin says:

    Remember, the TARDIS interior has changed many times with no explanation, especially during the 1970s where it seemed to change in detail every other week.

    Perhaps it’s a function of the Chameleon Circuit, which (perhaps) stopped being able to change the exterior of the TARDIS, but continued to be able to alter the interior…?

    In the 1980s it’s revealed that the TARDIS interior can be reconfigured pretty much at will, as the Doctor converts a portion of the TARDIS into energy during an emergency in the fourth Doctor’s final story.

    And more recently, in the 2008 Children in Need special “Time Crash”, the 5th Doctor says that the 10th Doctor has “changed the desktop theme”, which also implies it’s probably about as easy as flicking a few switches.

    Also note how easily the tenth Doctor repaired the damage done by the spaceship Titanic in “Voyage of the Damned”, when it crashed through the TARDIS walls.

    So when it’s that easy to change, not much explanation would be needed, and would be a reflection of the Doctor’s changing personality, just as he always changes his “look” (clothing) between regenerations.