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There’s a Doctor Who Movie Coming Soon If David Tennant Has Anything to Say About It

tenth doctor david tennant in a proposed Doctor Who filmAccording to various UK news ranging from the Telegraph to the Sun, tenth Doctor David Tennant may appear in a Doctor Who movie. Tennant has not yet signed on for series 5 in 2010 and is apparently using a feature film as a bargaining chip — offering to do series five…

But only if he can land the role of the Timelord in theaters.

The rights to make a Doctor Who movie have been held by BBC Worldwide, but plans got put on hold when the TV series returned. But now with the popularity of the show as great as it’s ever been, now might be the right time to make a film.

It wouldn’t be the first time Doctor Who was in theaters, of course, since in the 1960s two films were released featuring the Daleks. Personally, I don’t really consider them to be real Doctor Who movies since they featured a human being named Dr. Who,played by Peter Cushing. The character was an inventor who somehow cobbled the TARDIS together in his garage.

8th Doctor Paul McGann in the Doctor Who TV movieThen of course there was the Doctor Who movie of 1996 — the TV movie featuring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor.

If a Doctor Who movie is made, it’s likely to get Hollywood involvement, so hopefully whoever works on the film will learn from the mistakes made with the 1996 TV movie, and focus on telling a good story that’s faithful to the series, but not weighed down by too much continuity.

Despite some fans’ complaints, Doctor Who seems to be in good hands, so hopefully the right people will be making creative decisions, and not some Hollywood producer who doesn’t understand the show.

Maybe the creative team behind the upcoming Tintin films — Stephen Spielberg and Steven Moffat?

Just as long as I can go see it in theatres here in the States…

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