Thursday, June 13, 2024 07:20

New K9 Series First Trailer Released

As has been previously mentioned, K9 is getting his own series this year which will air on Australia’s Network Ten as well as the digital channel Jetix/Disney XD in the UK this fall. I have not seen anything confirming whether it will air in the US.

After seeing the new look for K9, hearing John Leeson will not be doing his voice, and from other details of  the series, I have had serious doubts it would be worth watching. I have to say the trailer below makes me, if possible, even more dubious about the whole project. Take a look:

This looks seriously awful, and considering there is no real involvement with the BBC, I’m starting to consider this to not be a spin-off of Doctor Who so much as an unfortunate coincidence. I’ll try to reserve final judgement until I’ve actually seen an episode, but my hopes aren’t high for our faithful tin dog…

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7 Responses to “New K9 Series First Trailer Released”

  1. adam carter says:

    don’t like the idea either his first spin-off failed to “k9 and company” was awful personally if they are going to have another spin-off it should be telling the story of the time war.

  2. James Logan says:

    Hi all

    Having grown up with Doctor Who and remembering K-9, i find this utterly disgusting. Bring back the lil british terrier and consign the jetix K-9 to molten scrap.

  3. adam carter says:

    yeah k9 is iconic so what do they do completely change what he looks like if they kept him the same it would be better

  4. Yorick says:

    Well, they couldn’t use the old design, because the rights are already owned by the BBC. I don’t think this serie is going to be popular among the WHO-fans. I really dislike the new voice and the flying-thing.

  5. deej says:

    From what I understand, this is a kids show, so I’m not at all offended by it as it’s most likely not aimed at anyone over 8.

  6. steven says:

    The Daleks fly nowadays! so why should not k-9 also fly?.

  7. Johnnie says:

    This looks SO much like an advertisement for Power Rangers.